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Proper care for oily skin

This type of skin, as oily, has a need for thorough care. A distinctive feature of oily skin is shine and open pores. But it also has strengths, which is manifested in its insensitivity and the ability to maintain its elasticity. Thus, wrinkles appear later. Fat protects the skin from moisture evaporation and does not allow harmful substances to penetrate from the outside. Over time, closer to 30 years, it turns into a combined one. With proper care and the necessary cosmetics for oily skin, you can improve its appearance.

Care Rules

Proper care for oily skin
Remove greasy shine. In this case, tonics-talkers, which contain fine-grained mineral powder, help well. It can be used several times throughout the day in order to mattify the skin.

Cleansing and cosmetic cleansing. When cleansing and skin care, you can use a water-based gel, a special milk or a tool based on clay. Professional skin cleansing by a cosmetologist needs to be done 1 time in 2 weeks in order to clean pores of excess greasiness.

Toning. To tone the skin, use the infusion of such herbs: yarrow, sage or mint. But do not use a lotion based on alcohol; it dries the skin.

Masks Oily skin is characterized by clay procedures that help narrow pores and prevent blackheads. Herbal steam treatments are also recommended. If your skin has acne – do not make an exfoliating mask, as this can aggravate the situation.

Care. At the end of the day, oily skin can be wiped with lotion. If in the morning, after washing, the skin peels off, it is recommended to apply a moisturizer in a small layer on wet skin. After half an hour, remove the remnants with a napkin. Dermatologists advise using a non-greasy moisturizer, as well as drugs that do not close the pores and products that cleanse the skin, remove excess fat.

Recommended professional home care products *

Bactericidal Gel-Mousse for washing oily and problem skin (PHYT’S, France)
Fitotonik “Hydrol eucalyptus” for oily and problem skin (PHYT’S, France)
Self-balancing ”Cream-regulator” for oily and combination skin (Kleraderm, Italy)
Proper care for oily skin. Proper care for oily skin. Proper care for oily skin.

Decorative cosmetics. An effective tool for caring for this type of skin is powder. But before applying it, you need to remove the oily sheen with a cosmetic wipe. When choosing a tonal foundation, pay attention to the fact that it is also not oily. A foundation should be liquid and long-lasting.

When caring for this type of skin, it is important to remember about a healthy diet. You need to eat regularly, limiting spices and fats. They contribute to irritation of the sebaceous glands. It is better to eat fruits, vegetables, dairy products and brown bread.

Be always beautiful!

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