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Dry skin? You need proper care

Most often, women have dry skin. At a young age, it looks elastic, thin, matte, there are almost no wrinkles on it. But such a skin has a lack of moisture, which leads to dryness (especially under the influence of the sun, high or low temperature, sea water). As a result, the skin becomes flabby, prone to wrinkles.

It is strictly forbidden for owners of dry skin: wash your face before going out; too often use cosmetics based on alcohol, powder, as well as other products that dry the skin; use peelings, scrubs, exfoliating masks.

You do not need to use soap, as it dries the skin.

Dry skin? You need proper care
Cleansing and toning. Wash with cool water or room temperature. In this case, soft foams of natural ingredients are well suited. It is also good to use cosmetic milk to cleanse the skin in the winter and summer season – cosmetic milk. The tonic should be selected without alcohol with the effect of toning and moisturizing.

Cosmetic cleansing is recommended to be done no more than once every 6 to 8 weeks.

Nutrition and hydration. When moisturizing, you need to use greasy creams. But you need to remember that for dry skin, day care is not enough, therefore, an hour or two before bedtime, you need to apply the cream in a dense layer and after ten minutes soak the remaining residue with a dry cloth.

Ceramides have a good effect on the skin. They help keep moisture and softness better. You can also use cream with sasankua oil.

An important element in skin care are also masks. A good effect can be achieved by alternating nourishing and tonic masks. Do the procedure at least twice a week. The mask should be kept on the face for 15-20 minutes, then wash your face first with warm water, and then with cold water (but boiled). Dry a little with a towel and grease with a nourishing cream.

Recommended Professional Home Care for Dry Skin *

Cleansing ”Hydro milk” for dry and sensitive skin (Beauty spa, Italy)
Moisturizing “Aquatonic” (Beauty spa, Italy)
Moisturizing cream “Alpine dew hydro” for dry and dehydrated skin (PHYT’S, France)
Nourishing cream “Alpine dew extra” for dry and aging skin (PHYT’S, France)
With dry skin, saunas and swimming in chlorinated water should be avoided. Since at this moment protective substances are washed out, which can be difficult to replenish. Swimming enthusiasts are advised to rub sunscreen into their skin before jumping into the water. And after that, it is important to immediately apply a thick layer of moisturizer.

If you want to experience a new cosmetic product, it is better to do it in spring or autumn, but in no case in winter, since during this period it is especially sensitive.

Dry skin has several “enemies” that steal its moisture and minerals from tissues: it is the sun, alcohol, as well as a dehydration agent and laxative pills. Therefore, in order to preserve youth and beauty, not only external care is important, but also care from the inside.

Love yourself – be beautiful!

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