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Mandatory treatments this fall!

The summer is over, and warm September is over. October greets us with a gloomy sky and cold rain. Everyone has already returned from vacations to the bustle of the city, to offices, to work, and now is the time to remember the skin and hair that have been under the hot sun all summer, and with the advent of autumn, they suffer from a lack of vitamins and dryness.

Oasis VIP specialists thought about you and put together a list of procedures that must be done in October and November.

Laser cosmetology
Mandatory treatments this fall!
1. Already there is no bright scorching sun, so you can safely do procedures for laser removal of blood vessels, age spots, papillomas and various skin neoplasms.

2. Laser hair removal in open areas of the skin in October is completely safe and will not cause pigmentation from ultraviolet radiation. More information about hair removal here.

3. Auspicious time for photorejuvenation of the face, neck, décolleté. This procedure is recommended to eliminate such problems: loss of skin elasticity, age spots, enlarged pores, acne, thin and fragile vessels that create redness on the skin. Read more about photorejuvenation in the article.

Mandatory treatments this fall!
1. Bleaching and moisturizing treatments are very relevant in the fall. With the help of such treatments, an even complexion is restored and the skin receives additional nutrition to improve skin elasticity.

2. The most suitable time for chemical peels is autumn – the sun is not so active, and the air temperature is still at “+”. The chemical peeling procedure is one of the most effective procedures for rejuvenating and cleansing the skin, smoothing the relief and tightening the skin, reducing greasiness, lightening and combating pigmentation.

Determine with your beautician which peeling is right for you:

“Green clay peeling” for oily and problematic skin
Recommended: for skin with signs of oily seborrhea and post-acne: greasiness, shine, comedones, stagnant spots, inflammation and a dirty, dull complexion.

Effect: the skin receives a high healing, bactericidal, seboregulatory and anti-inflammatory effect. Gets a healthy glow and lightness.

Course: once a week 5-6 procedures

“Almond peeling” with ozone for skin rejuvenation
Recommended from 25 years with such indications:

normal and combination skin with gloss in the T-zone, black dots and periodical inflammatory elements
dehydrated skin with signs of post-acne: enlarged pores, congestion and skin hypersensitivity
premature signs of wilting: a small network of wrinkles around the eyes and not the face, “tired” and dull complexion. Decreased turgor and elasticity
freckles, age spots and uneven complexion
Effect: smoothing the relief and filling in a fine network of wrinkles. Strengthening the skin tugor and increasing its elasticity. Anti-inflammatory effect, reduction of skin greasiness and lightening of black spots. Lighten and even out skin color. Shining smooth complexion.

Course: 1 time in 2 weeks 8-10 procedures

“White clay peeling” for all skin types
Mandatory treatments this fall!
This is a comfortable non-aggressive peeling based on Alpine White clay and papaya enzymes.

Recommended: for dry, sensitive skin with uneven complexion, decreased tone and a network of wrinkles.

Effect: Peeling instantly gives the skin a fresh and well-groomed look – perfect complexion, smoothing wrinkles, brightening age spots and strengthening the face contour.

Course: once a week 5-6 procedures

3. If you have long been going to take the course of Redermalization Gialual, now is the most favorable time to do this procedure.

Redermalization is the restoration of the main layer of the skin, which is responsible for youth, at the tissue, cellular and intracellular levels.

Indications for redermalization:

prevention of early skin aging, photoaging
correction of involutional skin changes: dehydration, wrinkles, changes in facial contours
elimination and correction of scars after acne (post-acne)
correction of deep, age and facial wrinkles
rehabilitation after chemical and mechanical peelings, and plastic surgeries

young healthy skin
even healthy skin color
skin texture and relief improvement
reduction of wrinkle depth and size
face, neck and décolleté lifting
pigmentation elimination (age, temporary)
Our cosmetology programs for October-November will help you profitably and correctly make an investment in your beauty and health.

Mandatory hand and nail treatments this fall
Mandatory treatments this fall!
These procedures are aimed at cleansing dead skin cells of the skin of the hands and feet, moisturizing and nourishing, increasing skin elasticity, strengthening the nail plate.

Hot manicure – strengthens and nourishes nails. Recommended for both adults and children.
Paraffin therapy – scrubbing, blood circulation is stimulated, dry skin and cuticle are reduced, tissues are strengthened, microcracks are healed.
New Salon! Spa treatment for hands and nails using natural ingredients “Coffee with honey”.
100% fall trend – bright shades on the nails. About fashionable autumn trends for a stylish manicure in an article
Healthy and beautiful hair is always in fashion!
Mandatory treatments this fall!
Masters of hairdressing recommend now making a fashionable haircut to make your autumn look more vivid. And if you do not want to radically change the hairstyle, then you should still cut the ends. Over the summer, they became dry, tired and discolored, cutting them off you refresh your haircut.

Due to weather changes, increased oily scalp and dandruff may appear. To eliminate these problems, we use procedures based on innovative Italian organic cosmetics Tecna. Only in our salon you can take a course of scalp peeling to cleanse the skin, improve blood circulation and hair growth.

Tecna TeaBase Aromatherapy Hair Treatment:
“Clarifying” care for oily scalp. As a result, the normalization of the production of sebum, renewal of the scalp, healthy hair.
“Herbal care” anti-dandruff care. As a result, getting rid of itching, improving the process of updating the scalp cells.
Energetic care for weak and brittle hair. As a result, an increase in the diameter of thin and damaged hair, improved hair growth.
In compiling these recommendations, the salon team was guided by a desire to preserve and enhance your health and beauty!

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