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Facial rejuvenation

A young face after 40 is possible, but you should think about it today.

I am 20 – I am young and beautiful, I am 25 – I am still young and my skin is still shining from the inside.

At 30, I look at my reflection and observe the first traces of subtle wrinkles on the folds of the lips and on the forehead, they are more noticeable than the others, but still my face can not be called wilted. And now 35, 40 … there comes a time when makeup no longer hides skin aging, and expensive creams do not help in the struggle for youth and elasticity of the skin.

And you begin to remember and think … When did you need to take this first step, so as not to think about plastic, injections of youth and other wonders of cosmetology that have not yet been fully studied ?!

So, the features of the structure of the skin in each person are individual, aging of the skin occurs and is expressed in everyone at one time. Much depends on heredity – look at your mothers and grandmothers. What do they look like? What did they look like at your age? And you can already predict the stages of aging of your skin.

Let’s start with the ideal option – I do not smoke, do not abuse alcohol and lead a healthy lifestyle. This is all wonderful – and it means that my skin should be healthy and less exposed to external harmful factors, and also stay young longer. But age-related facial wrinkles – what to do with them?

Not to smile at all, not to express emotions – this, of course, is impossible! But to do daily facial massage, to increase the elasticity and firmness of the skin – this is quite possible.

So from today (and remember, do not put off until tomorrow!) We proceed to daily massage, contrasting soul and nourishment of our skin, but this is just one small step to the health, beauty and youth of the facial skin.

A skin cream is needed for the face, but our skin should not be a victim of advertising or just an expensive novelty in cosmetology.

Remember, the skin of the face consists of several layers and external nutrition does not always reach the lowest layers, in which wrinkles are formed, which later become visible on the face. You need to nourish the skin from the inside, and moisturize the outside.

facial skin rejuvenation Let’s recall a little from the school curriculum: The skin consists of 3 layers: the outer one is the epidermis (only 0.1 mm thick), the middle one is the dermis (this is where the collagen and elastin fibers are located) and the deep one is subcutaneous fat. The epidermis – the outer layer – consists of 5 more layers. These 5 layers of the epidermis are a kind of filter that prevents the passage of large molecules into the underlying layer – the dermis. Collagen and elastin are very large protein molecules and therefore their penetration through the epidermis into the dermis is impossible.

And now when buying creams and skincare products that promise instant results and deep skin nutrition, always remember that this is only an external effect that will last only until the skin gets used to the new remedy.

Moisturizing and nutrition! You and I remembered that. But food must be inside. There are many useful, and most importantly inexpensive, products that will help the body enrich the deepest layers of our skin.

Remember that the main role in skin aging is played by: impaired synthesis and damage to collagen fibers and skin elastin.

Collagen synthesis is a long process and is carried out in the presence of all the necessary components in the body: amino acids (proline, glycine, alanine), ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and iron. Therefore, it is very important to get all these substances with food. Proline (the main component of collagen) is found in large quantities in eggs and dairy products. A lot of vitamin C in such a familiar berry as wild rose, citrus fruits (lemons, oranges, grapefruits and tangerines), blackcurrant, cabbage and all other red fruits. The main sources of iron are beef and liver. There is also a lot of iron in simple buckwheat porridge and apples. If you regularly eat these products, then your body will have serious protection against skin aging, and the deeper layers of the skin will receive the elements they need.

Here are the basic tips I wanted to share!

Beauty and youth to you – women!

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