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Eyebrows are my weakness. Perfect eyebrows are what make me indescribable delight. The correct shape and color, outlined a beautiful bend – such eyebrows are the real decoration of their owner.

You can not reduce the value of eyebrow makeup, as eyebrows are the foundation of your face. Irregular shape of eyebrows can distort, aggravate and even age your face. I bet many women do not even suspect that the shape of the eyebrows can visually change the shape of the nose. And the wrong color will emphasize all age-related imperfections on the face. At the same time, choosing the right color will make you look several years younger.

It makes no sense to do bright or super-fashionable makeup if the eyebrows do not have a shape, color, or, conversely, have such a shape and color that their wearer looks always surprised or sad.

As one example. Crime No. 1 in the list of offenses against eyebrows is “tweaked” eyebrows. For some reason, some women believe that thinly plucked curved eyebrows “raise” their eyes and make their face younger. But in fact, the effect is absolutely the opposite.

To my clients, I always select the shape and color of the eyebrows in accordance with:

face shape;
color type;
skin and hair color;
eye shape;
and even taking into account what image the woman wants to fit.
It is very important to choose exactly your “ideal” shape of eyebrows.

Each era and fashion trends dictate to us requirements for the ideals of beauty, including the beauty of eyebrows.

Here are a few basic requirements for perfect eyebrows today:

1. Eyebrows should not converge on the nose. Except for your desire to be like Frida. Fused eyebrows look masculine and make the look more severe and strict.

2. A thin thread instead of eyebrows or the absence of an eyebrow line has long been out of fashion. The natural form is appreciated.

3. Do not remove part of the hair from the top line of the eyebrow, so you make your eyes heavier, it will become less open.

4. Eyebrow color must be combined with your color type and hair color. The recommended tone of the eyebrows is 1-2 darker than your hair color or in tone with the hair. So, eyebrows will not seem to be a separate element from the whole image.

5. “No” hairs sticking out in different directions on eyebrows. Well-groomed, combed and laid eyebrows will give their owner sophistication.

You can talk about eyebrows and their significance in a woman’s appearance for hours, but it’s better to come to our BROW & MAKE-UP BAR and make your perfect eyebrows.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:00 to 19:00.

I, Elena Legenchuk, will make your eyebrows admirable with love and great pleasure.

P.S. Pre-registration is required.

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