Beauty industry

Myths and truth about laser hair removal
Laser hair removal - laser hair removal. This method of removing unwanted hair is gaining more and more popularity in our country. For 20 years, European women have successfully used…

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Women over 50 years of age need light surgical intervention to maintain the beauty and youth of the face and neck. Lifting (lifting) is a cosmetic operation that is performed…

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Beauty industry. Downtrend?
Recently, entrepreneurs who work in Russia in the beauty industry have noticed a decline in demand for their services. What is the reason? Is this a temporary phenomenon or an…

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Notice the marks: Everything you need to know about tattoo removal

Do you have a tattoo that you want to get rid of? The reasons for this can be very different: from the “mistake of youth” to the discrepancy with the expectations or unprofessional work of the master. The good news: tattooing can be brought out, although it will take time, patience and financial investment. But what you need to know before you go to the salon, specifically found out from experts.
Surprisingly, there are still people who believe that tattooing can be eliminated at home. Bleaching agents are used, due to which, at best, the paint can blur and discolor, but is unlikely to go away completely. Another “way” to remove the tattoo is with iodine, which can leave scars on the skin. And again – no guarantee. Continue reading

All you need to know about dry skin

Dry skin is a myth for some, and for many a sentence. Most of us have been fighting annoying peeling all our lives and are awaiting the cold with horror, armed with the fattest protective agent. Anyone who knows dryness knows how harmful this lady is and what surprises she likes to surprise unpleasantly. And those who first encountered it should first of all get to the bottom of the problem, because it can be associated not only with a lack of moisture or poorly selected powder. Let’s try to figure it out with the leading cosmetologist of New York, Bruce Katz.

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Top hardware procedures for fall

The hands of a massage therapist, cosmetologist and esthetician are all good, but smart hardware techniques offer new, modern ways to solve your problems. Below we will talk about the most effective and popular hardware procedures. Add them to your beauty plan for the fall, and your reflection in the mirror will thank you!
An ultrasonic generator for skin rejuvenation LDM® Medical Spa is waiting for you in the SPA Studio beauty salon. The innovative device uses Wellcomet technology – ultrasonic waves penetrate the skin by 3 mm and activate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, contribute to the retention of moisture in the connective tissue. Through the use of ultrasonic waves with different and rapidly changing frequencies, a locally dynamic massage arises (the very abbreviation LDM in the name of the device). Continue reading

How to restore hair after the sea and the sun?

In summer, hair becomes more dry, brittle and dull when exposed to sunlight and active oxygen. Therefore, for the summer period, you need to choose shampoos, balms, conditioners and masks with a moisturizing effect to prevent hair from drying out. If you are going on vacation to the sea, then we recommend making light lamination. This procedure will protect your hair from salty sea water and scorching rays, as well as from hair burnout. After lamination, the hair will be less tangled and easier to comb. Also in the summer, do not forget to pamper your hair with vitamin masks.

Masks should be done no more than once a week, applied along the entire length of the hair without getting on the scalp, so as not to overload the roots. We keep the mask on our hair for 15-20 minutes. After abundantly rinse, blot with a towel and let dry on your own or blow dry with cool air. Continue reading

Business plan for a nail salon: how to open a nail service

Types of nail business There are several types of nail business. You can open your franchise salon, receive clients at home, rent a place in the salon, open your center in a rented or bought room or a nail island in a shopping center. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Home-based business looks the most budgetary, and the salon is the lot of wealthy citizens. Franchise It is always convenient to rely on someone else’s success. The franchise offers an already existing enterprise model. Franchising solves most problems and is suitable even for inexperienced entrepreneurs. Today in Russia there are more than 15 excellent franchises for the nail business that are well established. They offer a ready-made business plan, help you choose the right room or place in the shopping center, offer several design options for rooms and install the necessary equipment. Continue reading

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All you need to know about dry skin
Dry skin is a myth for some, and for many a sentence. Most of us have been fighting annoying peeling all our lives and are awaiting the cold with horror,…


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