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All you need to know about dry skin

Dry skin is a myth for some, and for many a sentence. Most of us have been fighting annoying peeling all our lives and are awaiting the cold with horror, armed with the fattest protective agent. Anyone who knows dryness knows how harmful this lady is and what surprises she likes to surprise unpleasantly. And those who first encountered it should first of all get to the bottom of the problem, because it can be associated not only with a lack of moisture or poorly selected powder. Let’s try to figure it out with the leading cosmetologist of New York, Bruce Katz.

Near the eyes

Spend entire days with painted eyelashes, do not get enough sleep and constantly rub your eyes at boring office meetings? Well, here we have found the cause of skin irritation. According to a dermatologist, the eyelids dry out due to prolonged use of cosmetics, allergies to shadows or eyeliner.
If you are sure of your favorite carcass, then think about whether your styling products have changed lately. Since the hair touches the face, there is a likelihood of an allergic reaction to varnish or dry shampoo. “People mistake the medical condition called seborrhea for seasonal dryness. This process starts at the roots of the hair and can go to the forehead, eyebrows and eyelids – then you need to see a doctor quickly if signs and symptoms persist,” says Bruce.

Near the nose

Not a single tonal base and expensive primer can effectively hide areas that are covered. And even more so, if the dry zone is right in the middle of the face, an attempt to hide it visually spoils the whole makeup. With cooling, the moisture level decreases, and the skin reacts to changing weather. A simple humidifier in the bedroom will save the situation. But if the problem is related to the rigidity of the cleansers, then it is advisable to change the gel for washing with a gentle milk. Also remember to apply a nourishing cream daily.


Peeling on the cheeks is most likely the result of sunburn or chapping. In the cold season, it becomes more noticeable than in the summer. The worst thing that girls do in this case is to generously powder their face for a tight disguise. But the powder aggravates the condition, it is better to postpone it until the warm season. Stock up on masks and moisturizing serums, and for makeup choose liquid textures like tonal fluids and cream blushes.

Mouth area
Heat or cold wind, dehydration and frequent licking of the lips contribute to the formation of cracks, the appearance of seizure and the development of infections. Begin the fight against the negative effects of a lack of moisture by drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day and regularly using balm or moisturizing lipstick. For matte textures, a special primer should be applied to prevent contraction. “If you carefully followed the recommendations all week, but your lips still continue to crack, then it’s time to immediately make an appointment with a specialist,” Dr. Katz advises.

Remember, in order to avoid relapse of skin diseases, it is necessary to get rid of all cosmetic products in contact with the affected areas, because bacteria remain on the hands from eyeliner, on lipsticks and powder puffs.

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