Hair coloring
The hair of men and women has its own natural color, which does not always emphasize and gives individuality to a person. With age, gray hair begins to appear on…

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Disinfection and sterilization: rules you should know by heart
Disinfection and sterilization of instruments in a beauty salon is a matter that needs to be closely monitored, because if a craftsman uses unprocessed instruments, even with minor damage to…

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Children's haircuts in beauty salons and hairdressers
Little fashionistas also need to visit beauty salons and hairdressers, the master, his attitude and the quality of the haircut are also important for them. How to approach the design…

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Voluminous hair

Healthy thick hair is an adornment that eclipses any diamonds!

Voluminous hair will hide many face flaws – oval, wrinkles, asymmetry, and even small growth.

A few tips to give your hair shine and perfect volume.

Volumetric haircut for short hair

A well-designed haircut gives the hair an extra volume and the shorter the length of the hair, the more voluminous haircut can be created. Thus, thin hair will look beautiful, vibrant and voluminous. A haircut combined with professional styling can create extra volume.


Short hair dryer, brush and curling iron will work wonders! The volume is created mainly at the root of the hair, the main thing is not to weight the ends and keep the volume for the whole day. Many styling products that are familiar to us from TV advertising offer tons of styling options that are not afraid of rain, snow, wind, or hat! Of course, professional cosmetics that are used in beauty salons and with the knowledge and skill of the stylist will be more effective and will preserve the volume and good shape for longer.


Short hair is stacked from the root against hair growth. Make a volume at the roots, using varnish, hair dryer curling iron and fixing means and tighten the ends a little.


Curling on a curling iron or curlers gives hair vigor and volume; when curling, professional means should be used to fix styling and curls; these means add extra volume and do not weigh down the hair.

Staining and highlighting

After dyeing, the hair acquires a healthy shine and becomes thicker, not so stick together, seemingly more fluffy and voluminous. If the highlighting technology was used during staining, an additional volume also appears due to different shades of hair and lightening.


Modern cosmetics try to help us at home properly care for our nourishment and create a healthy and voluminous look of your hair. Special products (shampoos, balms, conditioners, masks) for washing and hair care to give volume are developed specifically for the purpose, which significantly helps us at home to care and give volume to our hair. Also, after leaving, you should correctly apply makeup cosmetics (foams, varnishes) so that there is lightness and volume, but also fixation.


Of course, the indisputable assistant in adding volume to the hair is a perm! This is an indisputable means of adding volume for a long time and the ability to look great at any time of the year! Modern perm products treat hair with care and make it possible to preserve vibrant curls for several months. After proper curling, the hair has a healthy shine, does not get confused, the ends remain undamaged. If you decide to have a perm, go to a professional salon and a master with extensive experience in perm, in order to maintain the health of your hair and get the desired result. After all, a curl is not only the curls familiar to us all, but also the ability to make a basal volume and not make curls. But your stylist will tell you all this – and the main thing for you to know is how you want to get your voluminous hairstyle or hair style.

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