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Redermalization – the secret of eternal youth!

If the word “Redermalization” is thoroughly translated from the Latin language, it turns out that “re” is restoration, and “derma” is the main layer of the skin, it is responsible for youth. This is an injection procedure with which the skin’s natural tone is restored:

the skin of the face and body is rejuvenated and restored;
the result is scientifically proven;
the technique is used as a preventive effect in photoaging and chronostaging;
she fights signs of skin aging perfectly;
and protects the skin from aging;
the skin of the body and face takes on a new life!
About what is Hyalual (Gialual)
Redermalization – the secret of eternal youth!
To implement the redermalization technique, we use the latest Hyalual injection (Hyalual). It acts on the aging mechanism of the skin, which provides the strongest comprehensive anti-age effect.

Succate and hyaluronic acid regenerate skin cells both at the tissue and cellular, and even at the intracellular level.

Succate is a natural metabolism. It is also the strongest antioxidant and also neutralizes free radicals. Also, the succate activates a healthy metabolism of each skin cell. It just makes the skin cells work to inhibit all the processes that lead to their death.

Why do doctors and clients choose Hyalual?
Redermalization – the secret of eternal youth!
This unique formula combines a succate and highly purifying non-animal origin hyaluronic acid.
This is the first drug in the world that acts on absolutely all mechanisms from which the skin of the body and face ages.
Therapy is suitable for both women and men.
The effect is scientifically proven.
Safety to use.
Both preclinical and clinical studies have been performed.
The product has been registered.
Hypoallergenic. Biocompatibility.
European quality standard.
Differences from other procedures?
Experts will answer that the redermalization method differs in all respects from another procedure, as well as in strategic content and meaning. But customers will answer that this method differs from others in the result!

This is healthy facial skin with improved color, the relief and texture of the skin are restored. The depth and size of wrinkles is reduced, skin pigmentation is eliminated. Redermalization is also skin lifting and prevention of neoplasms.

Where does it all start?
Redermalization – the secret of eternal youth!
The first thing the procedure starts with is a consultation with the attending physician. The doctor should find out everything that the client complains about, determine the type of skin and evaluate its condition. The doctor also needs to determine the type of skin aging, it can be a tired or muscular face, small or large wrinkled, combined. A good specialist should determine the problem itself and the degree of its severity, as well as the correction zone.

The size of the redermalization procedure and its concentration completely depends on the age of the client, the type and level of aging of his skin, as well as the severity of age-related changes in the skin.

What are we correcting?
Using the procedure, you can correct not only the skin of the face, but also the whole body. Redermalization effectively corrects:

Redermalization – the secret of eternal youth!
periorbital zone;
restores the perioral zone;
face lifting;
treats wrinkles, such as interbrow, nasolabial, horizontal wrinkles in the forehead and crow’s feet;
red border of lips;
large and small wrinkles on the neck and décolleté;
pre-pink zone of the ear and skin of the earlobe.
If the procedure is used for the body, then it effectively acts on:

knee area and inner thighs;
Elbow area or inner shoulder surface;
Milk glands;
Abdominal area;
By whom and how is the procedure performed?
Redermalization – the secret of eternal youth!
The procedure is carried out by a doctor – dermatocosmetologist. During the procedure, all the rules of asepsis and antiseptics are observed, with the use of antisthetics and, if necessary, without them.

The skin is first cleaned, then it is treated with an antiseptic. If the client is sensitive to pain, then the doctor can conduct anesthesia using a cream with an anesthetic effect. We use Emla cream for these procedures.

Redermalization is carried out using a drug called Hyalual.

Depending on the corrected zone, the technique of administering the drug, as well as its concentration, is chosen. The drug can be introduced into the skin of the face or body in two ways:

1. Papular. All varieties.
2. Linearly. All techniques.

When the procedure has already been completed, the treated area is again covered with an antiseptic. After that, a regenerating cream is used locally. The cream relieves redness, irritation and promotes the rapid healing of the skin.

Combination with other procedures?
An amazing and lasting effect is redermalization in combination with photorejuvenation and laser procedures. Oasis VIP has even developed special programs that combine redermalization with laser cosmetology.

Redermalization - the secret of eternal youth!
If the word "Redermalization" is thoroughly translated from the Latin language, it turns out that "re" is restoration, and "derma" is the main layer of the skin, it is responsible…


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