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The magic of relaxing massage

Undoubtedly, to relax and get rid of stress, massage is needed.

After all, the basis of all diseases is precisely the feeling of tension. This is especially true for residents of the city, with their fast pace of life, gassed air and inability to control themselves. Therefore, everyone should remember that relaxation is the main way to heal from ailments.

Why is a relaxing massage useful?
The magic of a relaxing massage
It helps to cope with stress, which means it prevents the development of the disease, and its appearance as well. Well, if the massage is carried out in a timely and systematic manner, then it stops the destructive processes, removes the feeling of anxiety and replenishes the body with strength. Not to mention the fact that massage removes the negative effects after stress, improves metabolic processes in the body and leads to the balance of the motor apparatus. And most importantly, it just makes people harmonious. People shine with health, which means that everything around them makes them happy and they give joy to others. And finally, a relaxing massage affects important organs through the autonomic nervous system and thereby helps the body to heal itself.

What are we massaging?
The duration of one massage course is 40 minutes. During this time, the following massages are massaged: back and shoulders, shoulders and lumbar region, hips, knees and lower legs, as well as ankle joints, feet and shoulders. They will not bypass, we also listen to the elbow joints, wrist joints and forearms, as well as the chest and abdomen.

What will please?
The magic of a relaxing massage
Relaxing massage, also referred to as anti-stress, relaxation, pleases with pleasant, special sensations. And sometimes they are so lacking! But in addition to pleasant sensations, massage benefits the body and the psyche tired for the day. After him, comfort, confidence in the future is felt, self-esteem is overestimated, a feeling of self-love appears.

Description of relaxing massage.

The whole body is massaged.
To maximize the effect, they use: special lighting, relaxing music and a trusting relationship with a massage master.
The magic of relaxing massage
In order for the patient to relax as much as possible, the principle of a psychosomatic reflex is used. Muscle tone determines the emotional state of the patient and the state of the psyche, in general. And the state of skeletal muscles determines the emotional state of the master.

Do I need to be able to relax?
One must be able to relax, and if it does not work out, then one must try to learn how to do this. After all, a feeling of relaxation helps the body get rid of muscle tension, unpleasant thoughts and negative energy.

The difference from anti-cellulite …

If you compare both massages, anti-cellulite and anti-stress, then, of course, the first is more painful. After all, he is closely confronted with the aesthetic problem, where the master’s hands relieve fat folds by strong, painful techniques at a fast pace.

Back massage, also visited by many, is done by a massage therapist at an average pace, medium pressure, with frequent movements. Of course, it can be different, it all depends on the desire of the client and the problem. It is ordered very rarely. Probably because people still haven’t “tested it.” But in vain …

Anti-stress massage does not deliver pain to the client, on the contrary, it gives pleasure and a sense of calm. The master does massage of the whole body, weak and slow techniques. The procedure is usually lengthy. It feels as if the body under the hands of a masseur literally spreads, stretches, dissolves … In general, it is difficult to describe, it must be felt!

And, according to statistics, people often do this, first massage the problem areas, and then relaxing.

Trust in the master
The magic of relaxing massage
A tremendous effect is achieved thanks to a confidential atmosphere. It is good if the patient occasionally informs the master about his feelings and if he becomes uncomfortable, and this can happen, then it is necessary to inform the masseur about this.

The opinion of psychologists
Psychotherapists and psychologists “prescribe” massage and physiotherapy exercises for people suffering from insomnia, a sense of fear, panic and loneliness, as well as people who are depressed, with chronic fatigue.

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