Proper care for oily skin
This type of skin, as oily, has a need for thorough care. A distinctive feature of oily skin is shine and open pores. But it also has strengths, which is…

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Redermalization - the secret of eternal youth!
If the word "Redermalization" is thoroughly translated from the Latin language, it turns out that "re" is restoration, and "derma" is the main layer of the skin, it is responsible…

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Beauty industry. Downtrend?
Recently, entrepreneurs who work in Russia in the beauty industry have noticed a decline in demand for their services. What is the reason? Is this a temporary phenomenon or an…

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Photorejuvenation. Questions that interest many

Doctor dermatologist, cosmetologist Korbutyak Darina Aleksandrovna answers your questions.

Who needs photorejuvenation?
– The rejuvenation procedure is suitable for both men and women with the problem of skin elasticity, age spots, enlarged pores and pronounced small vessels.

Photorejuvenation. Questions that interest many
What problems can be solved with the help of photorejuvenation?
– No cosmetic procedure can remove age spots as instantly as photorejuvenation does. Rosacea is a small vascular network on the face, accompanied by a rash that looks like small acne.

Is it possible to do a photorejuvenation procedure on dark skin?
– In no case! It is impossible, because there is a risk of getting a burn. The procedure is also contraindicated for people who have a tan. Also, I do not recommend photo-rejuvenation in the summer. And all because the rays of the sun provoke the appearance of age spots in those places that have already been treated with light.

What season is the best time to do the procedure?
– Of course, in the autumn-winter period. Ideally – in early October, since the tan had time to wash off. And the procedure must be completed from the first of May. We begin to work with patients with dark or tanned skin from the beginning of September – we prepare the skin for a photo rejuvenation procedure

Photorejuvenation. Questions that interest many
And what is needed, some preparation for the rejuvenation procedure?
– Preliminary preparation is required, if only in order not to injure problem skin. The skin can be prepared using special peels that remove surface pigment from the skin.

How often can and should this procedure be done?
– After the first procedure, it is already possible to determine how many procedures the patient needs to go through in order to achieve the desired result. But most often you need to take a course of 3 procedures with an interval of 14 days. The second course of photorejuvenation can be carried out in a year, as a rule, after it you can repeat the procedure in two to three years. Well, then, you will need to do photorejuvenation only once every three years.

Photorejuvenation. Questions that interest many
Do you have frequent visitors to this procedure men?
– You won’t believe it, but with 10 clients for photorejuvenation 7 are men. Our men do not like to spend much time in the beautician’s chair and do not want to wait for a long time for the effect. Because they like laser cosmetology. After all, the stronger sex also has aesthetic problems that can be corrected with the help of photorejuvenation. In addition, men were more fortunate in this regard, since the effect of one procedure on their skin is faster and brighter, as their skin is thicker and does not require preliminary preparation.

And how painful is the procedure?
“She’s painful, but not always.” Depends on the tasks to be achieved and individual tolerance. And yet, to get rid of problems it is worth going through, since it gives an amazing effect! And for the sake of this it is worth to be patient. It’s good if the beautician uses a new generation device. In our salon, laser procedures are performed on the new innovative platform Synchro PLA: Y 2.4 (2012) of the Italian company DEKA. It has a highly efficient cooling system to –10 ° C. Cooling helps to reliably protect the skin from burns, which means that the procedure becomes less painful. Also, the cosmetologist must provide the client with anesthetics and a gel with a cooling effect.

Photorejuvenation. Questions that interest many
Are there any special contraindications or special recommendations?
– Of course, there is, as with any treatment.
– You can’t sunbathe for about a month!
– Do not apply sunburn on the skin!
– You can’t visit the solarium!
– It is advisable to give up smoking! Smokers are the most “unloved” by cosmetologists clients. Because, as their skin ages very quickly, and therefore the effect of photorejuvenation will be extremely short-lived.
– Do not hide information about your health from the cosmetologist. This is dangerous!
– You can not do the procedure during pregnancy.
– Do not take medications.

Are there any side effects of photorejuvenation?
– If the cosmetologist is a professional, then side effects are minimized. But the patient should not deceive his beautician – this applies to taking medications, pregnancy, etc. The most common side effect can be called the appearance of small bruises that appear when a small mesh of blood vessels on the face is removed. And then, they disappear within 5-6 days. By the way, it can be judged by them that the procedure is effective. Edema is also a side effect, but it is extremely rare. Appears in the patient when it is necessary to remove a lot of blood vessels from the face.

Photorejuvenation. Questions that interest many
Is it possible to combine photorejuvenation with other cosmetic procedures? And if so, with which?
– Not only possible, but necessary. The combination of the photorejuvenation procedure with other procedures gives an enhanced result than using all the procedures separately. With the help of treatments and supporting procedures, the effect of photorejuvenation is extended. It can be combined with hardware care procedures, for example, microcurrents or peeling. A wonderful effect is observed in a combination of photorejuvenation and redermalization procedures, laser and biorevitalization, as well as contouring, which is popular with women. The effect is not only clearly visible, but also felt by the hands. After such procedures, several days later, various injection procedures can be done.

You have injection procedures in your salon, in particular redermalization. What is it? What are its advantages?
– Redermalization – from Latin means “Re” – “restoration”, “derma” – the main layer of the skin, which is responsible for youth. For redermalization, we use the new generation injection drug Hyalual® (Gialual), it actively affects the aging mechanisms of the skin, which provides a very powerful complex anti-age effect. Important components of the drug are succinite and hyaluronic acid restore the skin not only at the tissue, but also at the cellular and intracellular levels.

Photorejuvenation. Questions that interest many
The skin damaged by ultraviolet, flabby and dehydrated with a needle is pierced with difficulty, and when it is pierced, the sensations are extremely unpleasant, the needle seems to fall into a void. A healthy, dense and firm skin feels very different, the needle passes easily, like in oil. We have excellent results that are tangible and visible after photorejuvenation and injection procedures: turgor is improved, the skin is dense, and a feeling of fullness appears. And in conclusion, I want to say that the most important thing to remember is that in order to restore youth and beauty to the skin, you will have to work hard. And in order to maintain beauty and youth, you need to pay even more time and attention to yourself and your health.

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