Voluminous hair
Healthy thick hair is an adornment that eclipses any diamonds! Voluminous hair will hide many face flaws - oval, wrinkles, asymmetry, and even small growth. A few tips to give…

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The beauty and irresistibility of the female image can be emphasized with makeup. Expressive eyes, smooth and healthy skin attract attention. For different situations and events, there are various types…

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Dry skin? You need proper care
Most often, women have dry skin. At a young age, it looks elastic, thin, matte, there are almost no wrinkles on it. But such a skin has a lack of…

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beginning of September

Cutting with hot scissors in the COLORIT salon

Which of us does not dream of beautiful long hair? But, unfortunately, the majority cannot achieve the desired length due to brittleness and split ends of the hair. As a rule, having reached a certain length, the hair dull, become dehydrated and split. The ends have to be regularly “refreshed” and thus the length of the hair does not change.
Our century of advanced technologies has made adjustments to the sphere of hairdressing services. Shiny, healthy hair has always been the pride and adornment of man. Well-groomed appearance is a sign of stability, social and financial success. Continue reading

Children’s haircuts in beauty salons and hairdressers

Little fashionistas also need to visit beauty salons and hairdressers, the master, his attitude and the quality of the haircut are also important for them.

How to approach the design of a small children’s corner, to take into account all the nuances and features of the child’s client.
A modern children’s haircut in a beauty salon. What is important in the first place: the master’s attitude and love for children, because children feel a good attitude towards them. The good-natured master, the better the haircut for the baby will turn out, the child will be friendly and open to the hairdresser, he will not have fear of a stranger. Continue reading

Photorejuvenation. Questions that interest many

Doctor dermatologist, cosmetologist Korbutyak Darina Aleksandrovna answers your questions.

Who needs photorejuvenation?
– The rejuvenation procedure is suitable for both men and women with the problem of skin elasticity, age spots, enlarged pores and pronounced small vessels.

Photorejuvenation. Questions that interest many
What problems can be solved with the help of photorejuvenation?
– No cosmetic procedure can remove age spots as instantly as photorejuvenation does. Rosacea is a small vascular network on the face, accompanied by a rash that looks like small acne. Continue reading

Mandatory treatments this fall!
The summer is over, and warm September is over. October greets us with a gloomy sky and cold rain. Everyone has already returned from vacations to the bustle of the…


Notice the marks: Everything you need to know about tattoo removal
Do you have a tattoo that you want to get rid of? The reasons for this can be very different: from the "mistake of youth" to the discrepancy with the…


Beautiful eyes
The beauty of the look, its expressiveness and charm. How to make your look brighter? An expressive look and mascara. Every day we apply mascara to our eyes and do…