Redermalization - the secret of eternal youth!
If the word "Redermalization" is thoroughly translated from the Latin language, it turns out that "re" is restoration, and "derma" is the main layer of the skin, it is responsible…

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How to equip a beauty salon at home?
A modern woman, smart and beautiful, lives in such a frantic rhythm that she sorely lacks her favorite time to take care of herself. And I really want to look…

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Facial rejuvenation
A young face after 40 is possible, but you should think about it today. I am 20 - I am young and beautiful, I am 25 - I am still…

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Disinfection and sterilization: rules you should know by heart

Disinfection and sterilization of instruments in a beauty salon is a matter that needs to be closely monitored, because if a craftsman uses unprocessed instruments, even with minor damage to the skin there is an infection of the client. Keep a record of all disinfectants and preparations online. To do this, just connect the convenient Arnik program. Try Arnica In the beauty salon, hairdressers and clinics, they work with biomaterial that can store viruses, bacteria, staphylococci, fungi that threaten both the client and the master. Of course, in their work, beauty salons do not ask their clients to present health certificates, which is why it must be remembered that in order to destroy pathogens, the manicure tools used in the work must be systematically disinfected and sterilized. This task lies entirely on the shoulders of the master, so it is important to initially accustom your specialists to sterilization and disinfection, because working in a beauty salon requires responsibility and compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements. Continue reading

Recommendations to the owners of beauty salons to attract new customers

1. Analyze the loading of your beauty salon. I think that you can highlight a day or two, in which the beauty salon is not fully loaded and the masters are the least busy.
2. Support regular customers of your beauty salon who were in a difficult financial situation last year. Offer them special rates on those days and at a time when your beauty salon is less busy. Maybe people who regularly visited your salon can’t afford the previous schedule of visits and are uncomfortable asking for discounts, but you don’t want to change the qualified masters of your salon and the level of service. Get in position and invite them. Take this step. Your customers will certainly appreciate your move and become permanent again. Continue reading

Redermalization – the secret of eternal youth!

If the word “Redermalization” is thoroughly translated from the Latin language, it turns out that “re” is restoration, and “derma” is the main layer of the skin, it is responsible for youth. This is an injection procedure with which the skin’s natural tone is restored:

the skin of the face and body is rejuvenated and restored;
the result is scientifically proven;
the technique is used as a preventive effect in photoaging and chronostaging;
she fights signs of skin aging perfectly;
and protects the skin from aging;
the skin of the body and face takes on a new life! Continue reading

Lamination and diamond hair color in a beauty salon
During the LAMINATION (biolamination) procedure, the surface of your hair is covered with a protective microfilm, due to which the hair becomes 10% thicker, acquires shine and smoothness. After the…


Skincare in autumn
In the fall, every woman feels romantic, she is beautiful and fresh. And, of course, the sun has nothing to do with it, it's all about vitamins, fresh air and…


Are “beauty procedures” harmful to women's health?
We women are ready for everything (well, or almost everything) in order to become the most beautiful. Selflessly we attend fitness classes three times a week, all types of massage…