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Skincare in autumn

In the fall, every woman feels romantic, she is beautiful and fresh. And, of course, the sun has nothing to do with it, it’s all about vitamins, fresh air and vacation. But this does not always happen … unfortunately. Instead of rest come everyday life. The skin becomes dry, lethargic, peeling, and age spots appear.

All of the above signs of wilting suggest that the skin, for all holidays, was severely affected by ultraviolet radiation (photoaging), even if the woman did not save on vitamins. The water level in the skin decreased, that is, the dehydration process began. Have you noticed “summer surprises” on yourself? Hurry to the beautician.

What procedures should I look for?
Skincare in autumn
In September, not all cosmetic procedures can be done, since the sun is still quite active.

For example, whitening the skin will increase its sensitivity to sunlight.

September is ideal for masking age spots. For this purpose, you can use the corrector of blue color, it will perfectly cope with brown spots.

With the onset of cloudy days, you can take on whitening the skin, and there is a peeling course. Well, if the beautician is attentive to the client, then he will explain the sequence of procedures.

How does autumn affect the skin?
Skincare in autumn
Firstly, the heating season. The air is dry and this adversely affects the skin.

Secondly, the cold wind. From a dry room and immediately to the street, where rain and piercing wind – this is a double blow to the skin. Why the skin becomes inflamed, sebaceous secretion decreases.

And thirdly, rain, cold and piercing. It is he who makes the skin rough and dry.

What should be autumn skin care?
Skincare in autumn
First you need to remove the tan, this is how the beauty and youth of the face will be preserved. After which there is nutrition and then hydration.

A rough scrub will help get rid of sunburn and age spots. But a special whitening fluid will help whiten the skin. It is better to ask the beautician what exactly means will suit your skin.

Incorrectly selected products will only damage delicate skin.

Moisturize your skin in the fall
In any season, the skin needs hydration, both external and internal. Therefore, do not forget that you need to drink 1.5 liters of water per day. It is better if the water is thermal.

One procedure per week is enough to moisturize the skin. A warm bath with a decoction of oats will help soothe the skin.

But the shower must be taken with oil, which includes phytoextracts.

We nourish the skin in the fall
Skincare in autumn
Autumn skin care includes additional nutrition, it can be creams containing a large number of active ingredients, as well as antioxidants and, of course, vitamins.

Nowadays, cosmetic companies offer a wide range of products that instantly nourish the skin with minerals and vitamins, and also help to cope with stress and aging.

Night facial should include a dense, highly nutritious cream. It may contain various oils, for example, almond or apricot.

Supervised Vitamins
Vitamins – they help the skin cope with the signs of premature aging. Therefore, if you want the skin to shine with beauty and health, you need to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Well, in order for the skin to be firm and elastic, you need to eat a variety of fruits that contain vitamins. A, E, C and B. Let us consider them more closely, because each of them is responsible for a certain function of the skin.

Skincare in autumn
The essential vitamin C. Helps form collagen, makes the skin supple, and also makes our blood vessels stronger and stronger. This vitamin can be found in currants, cauliflower and spinach.

Delicious Vitamin A. It makes the skin supple. And you can find it in pumpkin, zucchini and squash, and, of course, in carrots.

Delicious vitamin E. Saves the skin from ultraviolet radiation, and also stimulates cell growth and cell renewal. If you eat vegetables rich in vitamins at the same time. A and. E, then their effect on the skin will be intensified. There is a lot of this magic vitamin in nuts, oil, both sunflower and soy, and also in sprouted wheat grains.

And low-calorie vitamin B. It perfectly moisturizes the skin and helps it instantly absorb moisture. And vitamin helps the skin recover from injuries. Therefore, on the table should be a lot of greens, beans and eggplant

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