Eyebrows are my weakness. Perfect eyebrows are what make me indescribable delight. The correct shape and color, outlined a beautiful bend - such eyebrows are the real decoration of their…

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Men's pedicure is the key to good health
Success is achieved by the man who walks through life with ease and confidence. But how to find this lightness when you feel sharp pain from an old callus or…

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Professional express procedure "WOWmask"
Why is the beauty of our country most often choosing this procedure? Visible result in one procedure Time (40 min) Long lasting effect and cumulative effect. What problems does this…

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Top hardware procedures for fall

The hands of a massage therapist, cosmetologist and esthetician are all good, but smart hardware techniques offer new, modern ways to solve your problems. Below we will talk about the most effective and popular hardware procedures. Add them to your beauty plan for the fall, and your reflection in the mirror will thank you!
An ultrasonic generator for skin rejuvenation LDM® Medical Spa is waiting for you in the SPA Studio beauty salon. The innovative device uses Wellcomet technology – ultrasonic waves penetrate the skin by 3 mm and activate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, contribute to the retention of moisture in the connective tissue. Through the use of ultrasonic waves with different and rapidly changing frequencies, a locally dynamic massage arises (the very abbreviation LDM in the name of the device). Continue reading


Women over 50 years of age need light surgical intervention to maintain the beauty and youth of the face and neck.
Lifting (lifting) is a cosmetic operation that is performed on different parts of the face (forehead, cheeks, neck) to rejuvenate the face, give freshness, remove wrinkles and saggy skin, and rehabilitate the face.
A facelift through surgery helps the tired face of a woman or man remove wrinkles, sagging and redundant skin.
The most commonly done is the lifting of the temples. The so-called “crow’s feet” around the eyes are inconvenient in perceiving their own image in the mirror, applying makeup, in every way emphasize the age of the face. Plastic surgeons and temple lifting come to the rescue. Continue reading

Lamination and diamond hair color in a beauty salon

During the LAMINATION (biolamination) procedure, the surface of your hair is covered with a protective microfilm, due to which the hair becomes 10% thicker, acquires shine and smoothness. After the procedure, you will feel that the hair has become more obedient and has acquired a healthy appearance. We especially recommend this procedure after dyeing hair with hair, as lamination allows for a longer period to fix the color of dyed hair.

Biolamination Cosmetics The products of the American Paul Mitchel brand are hypoallergenic and do not contain preservatives, and they also contain substances that contribute to moisturizing, nourishing and hair growth. Breathable microfilm provides protection from external environmental factors (sun, wind, frost, salt and chloride water). Continue reading

Children's haircuts in beauty salons and hairdressers
Little fashionistas also need to visit beauty salons and hairdressers, the master, his attitude and the quality of the haircut are also important for them. How to approach the design…


Facial rejuvenation
A young face after 40 is possible, but you should think about it today. I am 20 - I am young and beautiful, I am 25 - I am still…


Business plan for a nail salon: how to open a nail service
Types of nail business There are several types of nail business. You can open your franchise salon, receive clients at home, rent a place in the salon, open your center…