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10 ways to deal with depression in the autumn – winter

Taking care of your beauty every day, we understand that if a person’s internal state is at zero or even in a minus, then not one beauty industry wizard can hide his external manifestations. We want you to not only look healthy and beautiful, but also to feel so.

Your every day is full of work, a fast pace of life, stress and everyday worries. In autumn and winter, this is especially acute. In the morning, looking at the alarm clock, the mood is sharply reduced, one feels a breakdown and fatigue. And what is it: a spleen that is quickly treated with chocolate, or is depression a special kind of gloom?

Why is depression terrible?
10 ways to deal with depression in the autumn – winter
Spleen, in other words, a bad mood is different from depression in time. If the mood can be elevated by walking in the park, then this will not help depression. A bad mood, a breakdown, tearfulness lasts more than 15 days, absorbing not only you, but also your family, taking a lot of time and energy, then this is definitely depression.

Despite the fact that the word is used quite often in everyday life, in medicine it means a seriously mental illness that has specific clinical indications. Depression occurs at any time and any season of the year. But, of course, most often in the fall and prolonged in the winter, because the body feels a deficiency of vitamin D and a lack of sunlight. Depression is part of a group of diseases that doctors refer to as affective disorders, translating into “our common language” – mood problems.

How to identify depression?
10 ways to deal with depression in the autumn – winter
It can be quickly determined by just three main signs:

Depressed mood, longing, depression, depression.
Interest is even lost in your favorite business or hobby. In principle, you do not know what you want and “where to put yourself.”
Activity is reduced, fatigue is increased, energy is at zero.
A few more signs.

From a medical point of view, there are several more signs of this disease:

It’s harder to focus on something. Reduced attention.
Reduced self-esteem. Self-doubt and their actions.
Self flagellation. A constant sense of guilt. 10 ways to deal with depression in the autumn – winter
Everything around is seen in dark colors, including the future.
Thoughts of suicide or self-harm.
Insomnia, early awakening, and trouble falling asleep in the evenings.
Lack of appetite or its violation. There is also overeating, that is, “seizing” of a bad mood, which leads to obesity.
Lack of interest in sex.
Fussiness or, conversely, inhibition of action. What is noticeable even to outside strangers.
Depression in the morning, mood a little better in the evening. Frequent experiences.
10 effective rules for dealing with depression
Contrary to all the “horror stories” told about depression, you can still fight it. The main thing is to steadfastly follow the rules.Physical activity. Just 30 minutes of moderate exercise will improve your mood. Well, if you are one of those who are not “friends” with sports at all, then gymnastics can be replaced by walking, moving furniture or just cleaning the apartment.
Healthy eating You have to take it as a rule, start the morning with breakfast. But the daily diet is better divided into five receptions. The menu should mainly consist of fresh fruits and vegetables. The most useful are rightly considered vegetables and fruits that have colors: red, green and yellow. And all because even their bright appearance already produces serotonin in the body, that is, the hormone of happiness.
Sleep. It’s ideal to sleep as much as you want. But, alas, this does not always happen. Lack of sleep is also the cause of bad mood. That is why it is better to go to bed at the same time, the time gap can be no more than 50 minutes.
Communication. A change of scenery. You should not spend your day off watching TV. A vacation is a sin to spend so that there is nothing to remember. Talk to your parents, close friends, and relatives more often. A lot of positive energy can be obtained simply by sharing the news over a cup of tea with a loved one.
Purity. Fatigue and negativity carry dust, scattered things, scale on dishes and pet hair on the carpet. This is chaos! To clean up your thoughts, just tidy up the apartment and the charge of positive does not take long.
NO alcohol, smoking and coffee! Not the best way to get rid of boredom and spleen. The fact that many consider these three things to be the best antidepressants is a myth. They do not calm the nerves, but on the contrary, they “stir up”. Huge consumption of coffee, and even more so with a cigarette, will bring to life such “joys” as insomnia and irritability. If you want to calm down before going to bed, then it’s better to watch a good old movie with a cup of tea with lemon and mint, take a bath with foam and take a walk in the park.
Color and light into our lives! To get a daily dose of sunlight, a walk of 30 minutes is enough. And so that the mood is always upbeat, you can pamper yourself with bright little things, such as, for example, red gloves, a turquoise-colored scarf, or even a sky-blue coat. Such things will protect against everyday dullness and coming autumn.
Hobby. Passion for something is a new incentive to life.
Little family holiday. Do not deprive yourself of small everyday gifts. Try to arrange holidays for yourself, for your loved one, for friends and parents. There is no calendar holiday, you can think of it. Dinner in a restaurant, new clothes, fun – all this is vivacity, optimism and a boost of energy. 10 ways to deal with depression in the autumn – winter period
Do not sit at home idly by. Purpose and interest in life should always be. Novelty, permanent employment – they will help to remove the blues from the road and break stereotypes, they say, depression is incurable.
Without letting the blues and depression into your life, it is possible to spend gloomy autumn and winter days vividly, charging others with your positive energy.

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