Myths and truth about laser hair removal
Laser hair removal - laser hair removal. This method of removing unwanted hair is gaining more and more popularity in our country. For 20 years, European women have successfully used…

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Lamination and diamond hair color in a beauty salon
During the LAMINATION (biolamination) procedure, the surface of your hair is covered with a protective microfilm, due to which the hair becomes 10% thicker, acquires shine and smoothness. After the…

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Business plan for a nail salon: how to open a nail service
Types of nail business There are several types of nail business. You can open your franchise salon, receive clients at home, rent a place in the salon, open your center…

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Voluminous hair

Healthy thick hair is an adornment that eclipses any diamonds!

Voluminous hair will hide many face flaws – oval, wrinkles, asymmetry, and even small growth.

A few tips to give your hair shine and perfect volume.

Volumetric haircut for short hair

A well-designed haircut gives the hair an extra volume and the shorter the length of the hair, the more voluminous haircut can be created. Thus, thin hair will look beautiful, vibrant and voluminous. A haircut combined with professional styling can create extra volume. Continue reading

Facial rejuvenation

A young face after 40 is possible, but you should think about it today.

I am 20 – I am young and beautiful, I am 25 – I am still young and my skin is still shining from the inside.

At 30, I look at my reflection and observe the first traces of subtle wrinkles on the folds of the lips and on the forehead, they are more noticeable than the others, but still my face can not be called wilted. And now 35, 40 … there comes a time when makeup no longer hides skin aging, and expensive creams do not help in the struggle for youth and elasticity of the skin. Continue reading

Waxing. How is it done in a beauty salon?
The procedure for removing unwanted hair with wax is becoming more and more popular in salons. Of course, not all women decide to go to this professional master. Many people…


Top - February 10 most desired gifts
Every time before the holidays, everyone has the same question, “What to give?”. And the main task is what to give, in order to please;) You can make one huge…


Fashionable makeup and manicure in February
Makeup Naturalness is the trend of this winter. The main task of makeup this season is to emphasize and highlight the naturalness and healthy appearance of the skin. The skin…