How “tasty” to become beautiful? “Beauty requires sacrifice!”
 Every woman has been familiar with this phrase since childhood. She encourages herself with it when she refuses her favorite cocolate bar or puts harmful and corrosive paint on her…

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Dry skin? You need proper care
Most often, women have dry skin. At a young age, it looks elastic, thin, matte, there are almost no wrinkles on it. But such a skin has a lack of…

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Hairdresser: how not to make a mistake in choosing?
A reliable, creative and trusted hairdresser is real happiness. One can only dream ... A call to the salon, an appointment with the master, came and agreed on a hairstyle,…

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lumbar region

How to get back part of the money for procedures in your favorite beauty salons? now has over 200 beauty salons and spas in Moscow. And you can buy over 1600 different services at these establishments. Services at are called invitations. In fact, these are certificates familiar to everyone as a gift, but “for yourself”. Notably, the cost of the invitation is equal to the price of this service in the salon. But an important point, the highlight of the project is that returns you 10% of the cost of each invitation purchased to a personal account on the site. And that’s not all … If you went to a salon and wrote a review – get 50 points / rub for this. For each friend invited to the program – another 50 points / rub. Points are accumulated very quickly. Thus, visiting beauty salons is much cheaper. And the more often you buy invitations, the greater the savings. Continue reading

Japanese manicure

If your nails are weak, fragile and often flake, then there are two ways: either you continue to put up with it, or try a Japanese unedged manicure. This is a complex procedure that allows you to get a healthy, strong and surprisingly strong nail plate, as well as moisturize your skin. A method based on stimulating the processes of natural regeneration and restoration of tissue cells is today considered one of the most effective and popular in the world. Already interested? Read the details below!

The main distinguishing feature or even the pride of Japanese manicure is the use of exclusively environmentally friendly and natural materials and compositions in the work. The method is based on a systematic individual diagnosis, after which the wizard selects a personal approach that allows you to solve the problems of nails and skin of the hands. Continue reading

The magic of relaxing massage

Undoubtedly, to relax and get rid of stress, massage is needed.

After all, the basis of all diseases is precisely the feeling of tension. This is especially true for residents of the city, with their fast pace of life, gassed air and inability to control themselves. Therefore, everyone should remember that relaxation is the main way to heal from ailments.

Why is a relaxing massage useful?
The magic of a relaxing massage
It helps to cope with stress, which means it prevents the development of the disease, and its appearance as well. Continue reading

Myths and truth about laser hair removal
Laser hair removal - laser hair removal. This method of removing unwanted hair is gaining more and more popularity in our country. For 20 years, European women have successfully used…


Disinfection and sterilization: rules you should know by heart
Disinfection and sterilization of instruments in a beauty salon is a matter that needs to be closely monitored, because if a craftsman uses unprocessed instruments, even with minor damage to…


Private master or beauty salon. What's better?
Among other daily troubles of any modern woman who wants to match the style of a big city, there are always many cosmetic procedures, massage, manicure, pedicure, makeup, styling. However,…