Myths and truth about laser hair removal
Laser hair removal - laser hair removal. This method of removing unwanted hair is gaining more and more popularity in our country. For 20 years, European women have successfully used…

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Eyebrows are my weakness. Perfect eyebrows are what make me indescribable delight. The correct shape and color, outlined a beautiful bend - such eyebrows are the real decoration of their…

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All you need to know about dry skin
Dry skin is a myth for some, and for many a sentence. Most of us have been fighting annoying peeling all our lives and are awaiting the cold with horror,…

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Cellulite How to deal with it?

So what are they – the means to combat cellulite, in addition to the above physical activity and proper nutrition? ABOUT! Just be patient to read all of them! You are still thinking about how to adjust your magnificent forms and charms, but they have already thought for you! It remains only to take advantage of such a wonderful variety and transform. This is as ancient as the world, acupuncture – the effect on biologically active points of the body, and more modern laser puncture – the effect on the same points, only with a laser. Balneotherapy – water treatment – has also been known throughout the world since time immemorial. In this case, specially prepared water is used (sea, mineral or water with the addition of essential oils) and underwater massage shower. Stone therapy is a stone treatment that easily and pleasantly helps get rid of fat deposits by speeding up the metabolism. Honey massage. It is an amazing combination of the therapeutic effect of bee honey and massage. Continue reading

Private master or beauty salon. What’s better?

Among other daily troubles of any modern woman who wants to match the style of a big city, there are always many cosmetic procedures, massage, manicure, pedicure, makeup, styling. However, finding your “master” master, who would not only know “what women want”, but could help reveal your personality, is often very difficult. Sometimes it takes more than one year to find a hairdresser or makeup artist, whose services I would like to use constantly. At the same time, there is always a beauty salon near the house that provides the whole range of necessary services in one place. So what to do: spend months experimenting and searching for the perfect private master or just sign up for a beauty salon? Savings One of the first factors that incline us in favor of this or that option when choosing a salon or a private master is the price of services. Continue reading

Expose Myths of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal – what is it?
Expose Myths of Laser Hair Removal
This eliminates unwanted hair without damaging the skin. The main advantage of this procedure is that the laser-treated hair is destroyed and no longer grows. And all because the laser destroys melanin in the hair – this is a dark pigment.

To completely get rid of the problem of bored hair, you will need to undergo a whole course of laser hair removal, the interval between courses is 6-12 weeks.

This hair removal technique has been used worldwide for over 20 years. And yet, there are a lot of myths around such hair removal. We will try to disassemble them. Continue reading

Recommendations to the owners of beauty salons to attract new customers
1. Analyze the loading of your beauty salon. I think that you can highlight a day or two, in which the beauty salon is not fully loaded and the masters…


The beauty and irresistibility of the female image can be emphasized with makeup. Expressive eyes, smooth and healthy skin attract attention. For different situations and events, there are various types…


How to cut a baby
Kids, like adults, need the services of a professional hairdresser. But not in every beauty salon they will be able to offer you a high-quality and most importantly professional haircut…