Japanese manicure
If your nails are weak, fragile and often flake, then there are two ways: either you continue to put up with it, or try a Japanese unedged manicure. This is…

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How to equip a beauty salon at home?
A modern woman, smart and beautiful, lives in such a frantic rhythm that she sorely lacks her favorite time to take care of herself. And I really want to look…

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Facial rejuvenation
A young face after 40 is possible, but you should think about it today. I am 20 - I am young and beautiful, I am 25 - I am still…

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Hair coloring

The hair of men and women has its own natural color, which does not always emphasize and gives individuality to a person. With age, gray hair begins to appear on the head, the natural color begins to fade.

Cosmetics, such as hair dyes and colored hair care, come to help to give confidence, grooming and a healthy appearance of hair.

The more natural and natural the color of dyed hair looks, the more high-quality paint is used. The ideal shade of hair color is selected by a professional colorist. Uniform hair color, a beautiful shade only pleases and returns a satisfied client to the master. Continue reading

How to cut a baby

Kids, like adults, need the services of a professional hairdresser. But not in every beauty salon they will be able to offer you a high-quality and most importantly professional haircut for the baby. The older the child, the visit to the hairdresser becomes more calm and positive, the child can sit in a chair and the hairdresser can cut a beautiful stylish haircut.

But what to do with a one-year-old child? After all, he also needs to be cut and not every mom can do it on her own! How to choose a master, and most importantly where to find him? Continue reading


The desire to be healthy and beautiful is a natural need of a person. The ways to achieve this are so different and can be said to be unlimited, we will write about one of them below.

Su-Jok is a system of healing, rejuvenation, restoration of the whole body without the use of aggressive chemicals. At the heart of Su-Jok is a look at the human body as a single energy structure, all processes in which are interconnected.

Su-Jok is one of the areas of acupuncture, the method of which is based on exposing certain bilogically active points of the hands and feet with microneedles, magnets, plant seeds, and color. Continue reading

Cellulite How to deal with it?
So what are they - the means to combat cellulite, in addition to the above physical activity and proper nutrition? ABOUT! Just be patient to read all of them! You…


Dry skin? You need proper care
Most often, women have dry skin. At a young age, it looks elastic, thin, matte, there are almost no wrinkles on it. But such a skin has a lack of…


Business plan for a nail salon: how to open a nail service
Types of nail business There are several types of nail business. You can open your franchise salon, receive clients at home, rent a place in the salon, open your center…